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Stone Gateposts

JB Stone Masonry has many years’ experience in making stone gateposts that will enhance the look of any kind of property, whether they are for your home or a business premises, a new build or a restoration or listed building.

If you have ever travelled around the North Wales, Cheshire or the Wirral area, it’s very likely you will have seen a lot of our stone mason work including gateposts. JB Stone Masonry makes stone gateposts in sandstone or limestone to any size or design. We can create either bespoke designs for new posts or we’ll carefully copy existing details to ensure a precise match to stonework already in place if required (for instance when carrying out restoration work, insurance work or working on a listed building). We will always take the time to hand tool using traditional methods when working on old properties to give the gateposts a truly authentic look.

Examples of our stone gateposts

You’ll see below some examples of the stone gateposts we have made for our customers in and around Chester, Wrexham and Flintshire as well as further afield across Denbighshire, Cheshire and the Wirral.

Handmade sandstone gateposts

Handmade sandstone gateposts

The gallery below shows the work we carried out for the restoration of stone gateposts at Frankby Cemetery (located on the Wirral).

This gallery shows some images illustrating what’s involved in making a stone gatepost.

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JB Stone Masonry only uses stone sourced from within the UK. Natural stone does vary in appearance due to its grain, giving each piece its own unique look.

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